Five Benefits of a Free Rubbish Removal Quote

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Five Benefits of a Free Rubbish Removal Quote

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Before you commit to hiring a rubbish removal service, you should expect the company involved to give you a free quote outlining the work they will provide and how much it will cost. This benefits you in five important ways.

They Are Willing to Work

  1. A company which is willing to invest time in discussing your needs, visiting your site, and preparing a quote is showing that it’s serious about working with you. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to book a service and finding that your particular job is not being treated as urgent or important.

You Know What’s Included

  1. You can compare the rates offered by different companies, and ensure you’re getting value for your money. Just make sure that you are comparing apples with apples when you look at different quotes. You might find that the cheapest option excludes certain types of waste, for example, or means waiting for weeks before your waste is taken away.

You Know What You Need

  1. In order to provide a quote, the company will need to clarify the specific details of your job. This means that – rather than getting charged a flat rate which may or may not really reflect your circumstances – you have an opportunity to describe exactly what you need. A good rubbish removal company should tailor their quote to suit what you’ve asked for and should be happy to explain what is and isn’t included.

You Can Budget Your Expenses

  1. Getting a quote allows you to budget accurately for your rubbish removal expenses. This is particularly important when rubbish removal is part of a larger project like a major home renovation, where unexpected costs can mean suddenly having to find extra funds or cut costs in other areas.

You Get to Communicate with the Professional Beforehand

  1. You have an opportunity to meet a representative of each company giving you a quote, and get a feel for what it will be like to work with them. Did they arrive on time? Were they friendly, professional, and helpful? Could they answer your questions about different types of waste disposal?


At Any Rubbish, we pride ourselves on providing obligation-free quotes to our clients and making sure that the services we offer are tailored to the specific needs of each job. Call us on 0419 635 238 with all your rubbish removal questions, or to request a quote.

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