How Much Should Rubbish Removal Cost?

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May 5, 2019
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How Much Should Rubbish Removal Cost?

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If you’ve decided to declutter your home, just completed a major renovation at your workplace, or want to clear out an overgrown garden, one of the costs you need to take into account is rubbish removal. There are many different methods to consider (ranging from gradually disposing of waste in your weekly council rubbish collection to paying a rubbish removal company to do the work for you), so it’s important to take the time to decide what’s practical and affordable for you and your situation. How much should rubbish removal cost? The honest answer to that question is, ‘Well, it depends.’ There are lots of different factors which need to be considered, including:


  • What sort of rubbish are you dealing with? Some common items (including mattresses, tyres, and paint cans) can’t be disposed of through rubbish collections or placed in skips. Hiring professionals who can deal with all types of rubbish may cost a little more, but you won’t be left with any awkward rubbish that needs to be dropped off at a special collection point or otherwise handled separately.


  • How much rubbish do you have? You might automatically think of hiring a skip when you have waste to remove, but this isn’t always the most cost-effective option, particularly if you have a small amount of rubbish to deal with or awkwardly shaped items which don’t fill a skip neatly.


  • Who will be doing the work? Many people assume that it’s cheaper to hire a skip and fill it themselves, but consider what else you could be doing with those precious hours. It may actually be more cost effective to hire a professional so that you can invest your own time in your business or devote it to your family.


  • Is the rubbish easy to access? After all, the easier your unwanted items are to remove, the less time the job will take.


Bearing all of this in mind, be wary of any rubbish removal company which quotes a flat rate for rubbish removal. You may find yourself being hit with hidden fees or labour hours which stretch out much longer than the original quote, or you may find yourself paying for services you don’t actually need.

To make sure our customers get the best deal possible for their unique circumstances, Any Rubbish provides tailored, obligation-free quotes. Our staff are always happy to answer questions over the phone, and we will visit your site so that we can give you a quote based on the size and specifics of your job. There are no hidden extras, and you won’t get any nasty surprises when the bill arrives. Call us on 0419 635 238 for more information on how we can help.

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